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About the Comic

Imperial Entanglements is a Star Wars parody comic. A fatally upbeat Sith Apprentice Lord is reluctantly joined by an Imperial Intelligence officer as they try to save the Sith Empire.
The comic follows the Sith Warrior and Imperial Agent class story lines as well as the over all empire story line from Star Wars the Old Republic MMORPG.

About the Creator

I'm Ilayas, I write and draw the comic. I live at an undisclosed location in the wilds of central Wyoming in the United States. I've been playing Star Wars the Old Republic since beta. This is the first web comic I have ever attempted. So if it looks like I don't know what I am doing, well... that's a fairly accurate observation.


Salih VexSalih Vex
Species: Chiss
A fresh new imperial agent working for Imperial Intelligence. She is highly committed to the betterment of all her fellow Imperial citizens.
Kaliyo DjannisKaliyo Djannis
Species: Rattataki
Joined up with Salih mostly for a free ride off Nal Hutta and a change of scenery. She has decided to stick around because the credits and excitement haven't run out yet.
Mendiloquence LethologicaMendiloquence Lethologica
Species: Mirialan
A fresh new Sith Warrior working for Darth Baras.  He is highly committed to the betterment of himself.
Species: Twi'lek
A begrudging slave Mendiloquence acquired through his adventures at the Sith academy.
Species: Mini Tauntaun
A highly trained attack tauntaun, and lover of naps, he is Salih's most faithful and devout companion.
Darth JadusDarth Jadus
Species: Human
A dark council member who has taken an interest in Imperial Intelligence.
Species: Human
The man in charge of running Imperial Intelligence.
Watcher TwoWatcher Two
Species: Human
An intelligence officer who assists Salih in her field operations.
Darth BarasDarth Baras
Species: Human
A masked “fiesta sized” Sith Lord and Mendiloquence's master.
AshLady Ashtoret the Third (AKA Ash)
Species: Sith Pureblood
A Sith and fellow arsonist Mendiloquence befriended while at the Sith Academy.
Species: Zabrak
Mendiloquence's friend and former roommate while at the Sith Academy.
Malavai QuinnMalavai Quinn
Species: Human
A military officer, with close ties to Darth Baras, currently aiding Mendiloqence with his mission on Balmorra.


Nal Hutta
The main base of operations for the Hutt Cartel. Where Salih begins her career as an Imperial Agent.

Home of the Sith academy and the Dark Council.  Where Mendiloquence received his Sith training.

The Imperial Fleet
A hub of Imperial activity, both commercial and military.

Dromund Kaas
Capital of the Sith Empire.

A former Republic world that came under Imperial control as a result of the treaty of Coruscant.


Where else can I find you?
You can find me on Deviant Art and on Tumblr. I also occasionally lurk around the SWTOR subreddit.

I would like to contact you. How do I do that?
You can PM me on Deviant Art, Tumblr, or send an e-mail to Vix_11_ at the Hotmail.com.

I have never played Star Wars The Old Republic will I still like this comic?
I can't grantee that you, or any one, will like this comic even if you have played the game. I do however write the comic with in such a way that even people who haven't played SWTOR can still follow along and get most (but not quite all) the jokes. That said, you will probably enjoy this comic more if you have played SWTOR. It's Free to play, so long as you have a computer able to run it (sorry OSX users windows only) you have nothing to loose by giving it a try. If you are going to give it a try consider using my referral Link. You get free stuff and I get free stuff. It's a win win.

I have a really great idea of something you should do in your comic!
It's very kind of you to offer but I will have to decline. I already have a good deal of this comic written out.

Would it be OK if I translated your comic into a different language?
Yes it would be OK! Seeing my comic in a different language would be awesome! I am unfortunately VERY American which means, in addition to failing to speak English properly, am painfully monolingual. If you want “clean” versions of all the comic without the text and word bubbles let me know. Vix_11_ at the Hotmail.com

    All that I ask is:
  • That you keep the translation as true to my comic as possible.
  • Do not make money off of my work.
  • Link back to this site (ImperialEntanglements.TheComicSeries.com)
  • Give me full credit as the author and artist of this comic.

Are you going to do all the quest lines?
Noooooooooo... That would take me forever and some of the quests are not very funny.

Are you going to do all the flash points?
No but I will be doing most of them.

Will you be including any of the other classes in SWTOR?
Yes, but in a very limited fashion. They will be minor characters.

Are you going to do any of the story content that takes place after the class stories (i.e. shadows of Revan and Knights of the Fallen Empire ect...)?
I really don't know. My goal is just to finish the Sith Warrior and Imperial Agent class stories. I'll see how I feel after I get done with them.

Are you going to do a Republic version of this comic?
No. I have toyed with the idea but once I'm done with this comic I think I will want to move on to other things. Any one else is however more then welcome to do this, I would love to read it.

How do you feel about other SWTOR webcomics?
That they are fantastic and there should be more of them.

What programs do you use to make this comic?
I use Easy Paint Tool SAI for the backgrounds, sketching, inking, coloring and shading. I use Photoshop for the post work, text and word bubbles. I also use a niffy free program called Carapace to help with perspective, and occasionally Design Doll to help with difficult poses.

Will you make me some free artwork?
No I will not.

Are you open for commissions?
Perhaps, contact me and we can work something out.

Is it OK to make fan art of your characters?
Yes it's totally OK! Just make sure to show it to me!

Is it OK if I link to your comic?