Loose Ends

Posted 9th Mar 2014, 11:32 PM

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Loose Ends
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9th Mar 2014, 11:32 PM


This should help clear up any questions you have stemming from this comic.

If you have questions unrelated to the above comic then I am afraid I can not help you.

I have announcements to make!

First you'll probably notice the new website design and logo. I thought it was time to clean them both up, I hope you guys like it.

The Community Cantina Tour is going to be in Boulder, Colorado on March 22nd and I am going to be in attendance. Boulder is probably the closest that this event will ever be to me so I might as well take advantage of that. Hanging out in a bar with a bunch of SWTOR fans seems like it will be a lot of fun. If for some strange reason you have a burning desire to meet me in person now you have the chance. If you have no desire to meet me in person I'm sure there will be plenty of other people way cooler then me to hang out with.

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